Sadism and Masochism / Bondage and Discipline

NOW—IF YOU DARE—Some Prime Examples of MALTESE
Sadism & Masochism / Bondage & Discipline

I’ve added this section to my Published-Works Index to celebrate not only my recent association with the very popular S&M/B&D web-site Jardonn's Erotic Tales and three well-renown S&M/B&D illustrators, but to make official my serious return to S&M/B&D as viable subject matter.

For those of you “in the know”, there’s no need of reminding that I for a long time, writing as Lambert Wilhelm, published as many as one S&M/B&D book a month for Greenleaf Classics when that publisher, during the 80’s, was pretty much the only game in town (See the “Pulp Collectibles” section of this web-site).

Since then, I’ve frequently managed, in whatever my writing capacity, to sneak in dollops of S&M/B&D. What immediately comes to mind is my German-language short story Doppelmörder in the anthology QUEER CRIME, my short story Changing the Guard in my short-story collection SUMMER SWEAT, the live-performance sex scene in my novel THAI DIED, the blacksmith scene in my novel SLOVAKIAN BOY, the whipping scene in my novel SLAVES, the attempted rape by alien in my sci-fi novel BOND-SHATTERING, and … well you get the idea.

Now, thanks to Jardonn's Erotic Tales, I'm able, as that site's official GUEST WRITER, to make available, for your reading and viewing enjoyment:

[1] My completely new and previously unpublished full-length S&M/B&D Third-Reich novel NAZI DEATH'S HEAD FILES for free on-line reading.

[2] My pay-for-view new Roman Empire S&M/B&D novella, PÆN TO PAIN (with accompanying three-digital S&M/B&D illustrations by Borg).

[3] My pay-for-view urban-cruising-park-after-dark S&M/B&D short story, Play It Again, Sam, and my in-dungeon-training S&M/B&D short story, His Lord and Master, the first two of an ongoing series of my S&M/B&D short stories, each based upon a separate S&M/B&D erotic line-drawing specifically commissioned from Dutch artist Johan Ekkel).

For those who would venture beyond this point (remembering, please, that S&M/B&D isn’t for everyone, a statement of legal age required for entry into the Jardonn's Erotic Tales site), let me extend my official black-bound invitation for you to join me and my associates for some truly arousing pleasureby just clicking

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