Hello friends, I am Candle Artist Jfay of Studio 3B, and I am very happy to present the William Maltese Candle Gallery to you.  I must say that it has been a great honor and privilege working with the incredible Mr. Maltese designing candles to accompany his brilliant works of literary art.

Mr. Maltese has gifted the world with his stories for many years now and has a vast collection of work which encompasses many genres.  He is also a great adventurer and world traveler, which brings true life experiences to his spectacular stories.

William Maltese ~ Renaissance Man

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   BLOOD ON THE BIAS        

Book 2 of the DRAQUAL Vamypre Chronicles 


…unnatural … obscene … taboo … forbidden … condemned …

… between Vlad Draqual, vampyre, and Roman Bonton, vampire killer ….

…convention defied! Blood shed! Disaster and heart-break in the making?




Question: How debauched can a gay man get... when he's as attractive as hell... is as sexy as they get... believes that sexual variety is the spice of life... and has the kind of tremendous wealth that provides him access to anyone and anything, even puts him above the law?  Answer: Pretty damned debauched.  I know!  


Now Available from Savant!

Romance and Adventure Collide

In Australia's exotic outback a deadly storm and a deadly killer simultaneously wreak havoc on the occupants of an isolated toxicology lab cut off from any immediate chance of respite a rescue.



William Maltese's Story in the MLR Press Ghostly Anthology



In BLACK CANDLE READER, Candle Artist Jfay is approached by the characters in the story to design a candle in which they can use to "read" in order to find the burial spot of missing family members thought to have been killed by Nazis and buried in a mass grave somewhere in a forest long long ago. 

Kenneth Black is a candle reader and visits Jfay at her studio and requests a candle that is made of Black, representing the unknown, Brown, since he has the unmistakable feeling that those they seek are buried in the ground, and White, by way of insinuating his hoped-for-enlightenment.

So thus, born from the story itself, and made by the candlemaker Jfay, herself , the BLACK CANDLE READER CANDLE stands in it's hand-marbled eerie beauty, ready for gazing and leading the way to unlocking the answers sought by the BLACK CANDLE READER.





Secret cache's of hidden Aztec Gold, secrets given to the Ridgemont Family by an old Indian Shaman, portals to other worlds..... 

Such are the legends found in William Maltese's new western novel, RIDE THE MAN DOWN, in which the AZTEC GOLD Candle was designed to accompany.



The A Slip To Die For Candle accompanies ,  the first book in the DRAQUAL Mystery Series.


Someone not only killed the author, who'd been an underground movie star, who'd been a model, who'd been a hustler, who'd been a cross-dresser…but killed the borderline drunk, who'd been a TV-network executive and anchor-man for the national news.

Someone dressed each corpse in Draqualian silk…a very special silk, by very special silk worms, who ate very special mulberry leaves, to make very special cocoons pre-dyed, in Technicolor digestive tracts, to very special perfection.

Stud Draqual knew the silk…knew the dead men…and would eventually penetrate the mystery to his own eminent peril, to know the killer…


Meet Stud Draqual

is the second book in the DRAQUAL Mystery Series and is accompanied by the Stud Draqual Candle.



Internationally best-selling author William Maltese goes erotic/exotic in his STUD DRAQUAL MYSTERY SERIES with chief protagonist Stud Draqual who is sexy, handsome, rich, cultured, head of a world-wide fashion empire based upon one-of-a-kind silk manufacturing, AND who designs to-die-for (literally and figuratively) haute-couture women’s lingerie. Oh, yes, in his high-fashion world of beautiful and available women and men, Stud finds himself neck-deep in his very own sexual identity crisis.


DRAQUAL Vampyres

The Draqual Vampyre Candle is designed to have the look of the blood-stained jeans worn by Vlad's models in !, books one in the  DRAQUAL Vampyre Chronicles.


A one-thousand year old, handsome, and sexy vampyre's much-in-demand blood-splattered fashion-line is strutted by blood-splattered models on blood-splattered runways in the blood-splattered abattoirs, slaughter houses, and butcher shops of the world ... as his own blood-line makes Vladymyr Draqual beloved and hated by the most powerful members of his kind.

Jfay is the purveyor of candles to vampyres in SUCKS!, here is an excerpt from the book:

Vlad walkie-talkie cues the light man; in the main room, the lights go out; the plethora of Jfay candles simultaneously go on to appreciative gasps from the audience bathed suddenly in what seems purely candlelight but cleverly includes artificial glow emanating from the ice bales stacked around the room.

Cascades of blood-like liquid flow are projected on all empty wall space, accompanied by the amplified pulse of an actual heartbeat.


How many of us have not thought of lighting, or have not lit, a candle in memory of a loved one?


Since even vampyres have family members who are lost, not only to the disintegrating powers of sunlight, but to the malicious intent of individuals, sometimes of whole families of vampyre slayers, out to destroy us by driving wooden stakes though our hearts, is it so unlikely that we, too, sometimes share the desire to light a candle in memoria?
And what other candle-maker to provide just such a DRAQUAL IN MEMORIA CANDLE for those FAMILY DRAQUAL members who have become victims of vampyre slayers,  individuals or groups, than “the” candle-maker of all candle-makers, Jfay, who has done just that in this commissioned piece of art waxwork that portrays the horror that has befell many a family member by way of stake-through-heart.  The DRAQUAL IN MEMORIA CANDLE is impressive in stature (4X12 pillar) and is fragranced in Frankincense & Myhrr, the final tribute to any family member who may have been hunted down by members of the church. The candle is actually pierced by a "real" wooden stake and is handpainted to emulate the tragedy of spilt vampyre blood. 
Vlad Draqual


Designed to bear the scars of one that has submitted to bondage and to the pains and passions of sex S&M/B&D style, the LOVE HURTS S&M CANDLE is a tall 3X9 pillar scented in Leather.


There are some places that shouldn't be entered...especially when alone...especially without invitation. So, let internationally best-selling author WILLIAM MALTESE invite you to join him in this exploration of the S&M/B&D landscape wherein man/man love is expressed in chains, whips, handcuffs, ropes, leather, rubber, gags, hoods, paddles, pinchers, slings...and where sounds of passion are, more often than not, more terrifying than the screams of your worst nightmares. No stranger to the subject matter, MALTESE (usually writing as Lambert Wilhelm) has written over twenty-five novels on the theme. This collection of his short stories is pretty much guaranteed to shock and arouse you.



Dangerous and Deadly... 

The SNAKES Candle is designed to bear the same totem snake tattoo as Shem in William Maltese's latest sexy adventure novel, SNAKES. Made with a rough rustic texture, completed with a handpainted totem snake design, and scented in Sun and Sea Scent,  it is the perfect companion as you journey through Australia's most dangerous territories with Shem and Ian in SNAKES.

Even before Shem peeled off his black T-shirt, which he proceeded to do, Ian could see the blue-snake tattoo curled on Shem’s muscled belly, the snake’s open mouth seemingly intent upon biting the young aborigine’s navel.   Excerpt from .


Internationally best-selling author William Maltese, known for his been-there, done-that expertise in bringing exotic locales into the bedrooms of his readers, does it yet again, in SNAKES, a tale of that super-dangerous side to Australia - not ballyhooed in any of the country's enticing tourist brochures - that includes indigenous deadly plants, animals, insects, marine life, and reptiles, that can and do out-kill any of their counterparts on the world's remaining six continents.


Mithric Moon had just poked its sapphiric luminescence above the line of horizon, flushing pale blue into the darkness, when Gerun stopped again.  The boulders around him sprouted lun-lichen that made the stone darker than the fading darkness.  Excerpt from Internationally Best Selling Author William Maltese's Sci-Fi Novel,

Thus, Mithric Moon has come to life in candle form in the new MITHRIC MOON CANDLE, beaming in all it's sapphiric beauty.  The MITHRIC MOON CANDLE is scented in Aplocot, a fruit described by Mr. Maltese as a refreshing sour-sweet fruit that is enjoyed by Gerun in his story.  Which, this fictional fruit has also been brought to life with an irresistibly juicy blend of tart apple and apricot.




Who is Jon Missionary, the half-wit, and why are he and his book so dangerous?  On the planet Kanran-9, the religious establishment is threatened by anyone questioning the status quo.  And the Emperor's beautiful daughter, Melina-Lu, doesn't help matters any when she falls in love with the heretic Missionary.

Years later, the Religio-College has returned to power, and with a weaker Emperor sitting astride the Kanran-9 throne, it now begins purging the half-wit's descendants.

Will Gerun the Missionary survive the pogrom long enough to learn why so many people are desperate to kill him?


Exclusively For The FAMILY DRAQUAL

The FAMILY DRAQUAL is pleased to announce the commissioning of yet another candle from the candle-maker-extraordinaire Jfay this one to commemorate our family’s participation, from almost the very beginning, in the age-old industries of prostitution and pornography.


DIARY OF A HUSTLER and SLOVAKIAN BOY are two such stories of prostitution and pornography written by Vlad in his persona of William Maltese.


:  This reissue of the classic shocking account of the sleazy underbelly of Los Angeles comes hot from the mouth of an 18-year-old prostitute.  Joey's frank and full-on diary reveals even more than you wanted to know about what the tricks ask for -- and just how Joey gives it to them!  Day by day, the truth about this young male nymphomanic is revealed, and you get to know the loving guy -- and his all-too-human heart.


:  There's just something about Pavel, and it isn't just his fresh good looks and easygoing attitude toward sex with new acquaintances and familiar villagers alike.  Every character in this revealing, evocative, and sexually charged erotic novel is obsessed with the magnetic Slovakian youth who roams the hiking paths and back roads of his native Eastern European countryside leaving a trail of shaken and exhausted sexual conquests in his wake.


male/male gay erotica/fiction - 18 and older only - mature subject matter

Lambda Literary Award Nominated

The Ardennian Boy French Kiss Candle was inspired by the erotic poems of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine as translated in William Maltese and Wayne Gunn's co-effort, Ardennian Boy, the shocking- biographical novel everyone is talking about that encapsulates the infamous and scandalous affair of French poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud. 


Ardennian Boy, from coauthors William Maltese and Drewey Wayne Gunn, is historical romance and literary erotica blended into one masterful novel. Maltese's sensuous prose retells the tumultuous love affair between poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, while Gunn's lyrical translations of their bawdy gay poems, woven naturally into the fabric of the story, enlighten even as they arouse. Together, the two authors bring this singular love story brilliantly to life.


Will Fantasy Meet Reality?

The TUSKS Candle will draw you in with it's sensual aroma as you're swept away to exotic and erotic Africa in .



Richard Westover wonders if his fantasy lover, Christopher Van Hoon, standing beneath a South African blue-gum tree, the sun in his gleaming hair and golden eyes, has finally returned to Richard's life. Having first experienced Christopher's laugh, touch, and kiss in innocence, Richard is now twenty-nine, not thirteen, and far from innocent. Christopher has changed too - possibly having become as unscrupulous a profiteer as the Van Hoon patriarch. Back in South Africa, as a journalist, Richard secretly longs to have it proved wrong that Christopher's mining empire detrimentally threatens the already dwindling native wildlife; more so, though, he longs to rediscover his lost and one true love.



The Evil-Personified Candle with it's SS design was created to portray the evil brutality of Nazi Germany as penned in William Maltese's SS Mann Hunt and SS & M. 



Sebastian S. Mann, prominent member of post-WWII U.S. rocket development has gone missing with other expedition members supposedly caving in South America … having done so just days before revelations that he may have been responsible for the deaths of over two-hundred thousand gays, Jews, gypsies, and Romanian freedom fighters.


Years later, the male heirs of three missing members of Mann’s lost expedition meet up in deep Brazilian jungle to explore evidence finally turned up of their father’s possibly last campsite.




Jews, like Marta and Megan, know them.


Nazis, like SS Colonel Saber and Major Sonnenburg, want to know them, have to know them, see not knowing them as a threat to the purity of the Aryan nation.

A Rendering of Souls

The Soul of an Avenging Warrior ~ Captured in a Mysterious and Magical Candle.

A Beautiful, yet Deadly Wedding Gift for the Evil King.....

A Rendering of Souls Wedding Candle is truly a candle brought to life through literature.  Through the brilliant and vibrant words of Author William Maltese, this candle image and even the fragrance, Jasmilrose, was created.


A Rendering of Souls by William Maltese is one of the stories featured in , an anthology of ghostly stories.
Magic is on the decline, mankind is in chaos, genocide is rampant…
The End of Days, and time of cyclical renewal, are fast approaching…
Entire nations are destroyed, families and lovers are torn apart, bitterness is rampant…
Desperate men and desperate women, out for revenge, seek desperate means to achieve it…
Can still-existent spells of magic still be accessed? Can a wizard, with knowledge of those spells, be persuaded, to use them? And if he uses them, can final results be controlled to provide success, or…
Buyer beware!


Like to find out more about the spectacular man himself, William Maltese?

I was very fortunate to have an up-close and personal chat with Mr. Maltese regarding his work, travels, and bits about his more personal life ~ Click Here to read this interview.

William Maltese Visits Amsterdam

You can also read Mr. Maltese's Biography on his Author Website


William Maltese ~ A Day on the Nile


Enter A World Of All Things DRAQUAL

Vampyres, Art, and Fashion from William Maltese's Family DRAQUAL.

Vlad Draqual has commissioned only the finest artists to design for his DRAQUAL line of clothing and artwork. Please do be sure to stop by if you dare get that close to a Vampyre......



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